Corona-who?? Corona-what?

When I first heard of this virus running through Wuhan like an Olympic sprinter, it was rumored that it originated from eating live bats. Now, I haven’t been to China …yet, but I can appreciate their appetite for delicacies. Whether or not there was any truth to the rumor, was besides me. I don’t eat bats … so why would I have to be worried about it. *Kanye shrug*

NOW, roughly 3 months and an entire globally recognized pandemic later … there have been 143,394 confirmed cases of the virus known as COVID-19. If you haven’t been directly affected by COVID-19 by now, it is predicted you will be and SOON! It’s brought death to over 5,300 worldwide. It’s caused the stock market to turn my 401K into chump change and it’s incited mass hysteria at your local grocery chains.

Now, I am not providing the following information for any other purpose but to share it with you and possibly help alleviate some undue stress. I am by no means a doctor, nor should you refer to this information as medical advice.

For those who aren’t familiar, COVID-19 is short for “Coronavirus Disease 2019”. ‘COVID-19’ is a respiratory disease caused by the virus ‘SARS-CoV-2’, which is from a large family of viruses that is common in people and animals such as, camels, cattle, cats and … bats. The Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has several updates and articles that you can read HERE.

While you may not become sick yourself, you may carry it and spread it unknowingly. If you travel, you may be putting yourself and those you love at risk. Below are some common sense practices you can use to lessen your risk:

  • WASH YOUR HANDS … OFTEN … WITH SOAP AND HOT WATER for at least 20 seconds. My 6 yo washes his hands so good, I may have him create a TED Talks series.
  • If soap and water aren’t available, a hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol may work in a pinch, but then wash your hands with SOAP and HOT WATER!
  • PLEASE … don’t touch your face, eyes, nose. I stepped into a Subway shop recently to grab a bite to eat and the kid had on gloves, then flicked something out of his eyelash right as I was walking up to the counter. GROSS!!!!
  • Put a protective distance between you and other people if your community is experienceing a COVID-19 outbreak. It is called ‘social distancing’ and if you never hear from me … That’s what killed me.
  • If you’re a traveler like I am … PLEASE CONSIDER YOUR OPTIONS. The CDC has information whether you’re traveling within the US, returning from high risk countries, a cruiser, etc. You can read it HERE.

I know I can be hard-headed, the social distancing is going to be my downfall, especially with St. Patrick’s Day coming up and the cancellation of like everything. But I hope that you find comfort and use this guidance to your advantage. I encourage you to continue traveling … safely of course. Watch out for yourself and the next man! Until next time my friend.

#WakandaForever (practicing my social distancing)

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