Each year, there are almost 30,000 different cruise itineraries scheduled for over 2,000 destinations worldwide. Some of the most popular destinations include: East/Southeast Asia, Europe (Mediterranean, Baltic, Norwegian), Alaska, the Caribbean, Australia/New Zealand, and South America. 

Taking a cruise for the first time can often lead to all types of anxiety and questions. I remember preparing for my first cruise over 20 years ago. I didn’t have any idea what to pack (bringing black sneakers and flip flops) or what extra costs to take into consideration. I relied heavily on my older brother and boyfriend, who didn’t lead me astray but likely didn’t quite have in the inside scoop yet either.  Thanks fellas!

Almost every website now offers a ‘New to Cruising’ guide and some are more informative than others. I personally wrote this Ultimate Guide to Cruising simply because it offers advice on things those new to cruising wouldn’t know to consider. For example: it highlights what you should pack in warmer and cooler climates.  What stateroom to select when going on an Alaskan cruise and 100 additional insider tips and tricks to cruising!

During my travels I have heard passengers ask about something that has happened onboard and then referred to how the law on that would stand on land. I think sometimes people forget once you are at sea things change, you take maritime law into consideration and once you start crossing into international waters things change again. Although not something many of us discuss in detail I like the fact that this information is easily accessible.

I could go on and on about this, it really does cover everything you could want to know. Give it a quick look, it might answer some immediate questions you have! Don’t forget to have a look through my own Tips and Tricks to Cruising section too especially the Traveling with Minors section article which highlights some things worth thinking about in advance.

Whether this is your first cruise or your 50th, this comprehensive guide will provide insight on how to cruise like a pro.  I hope it proves to be beneficial to you and I hope you enjoy reading it.

You can purchase it here for $5.99.

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