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Why Travel Insurance?

Surviving COVID-19 is clearly proving to be a struggle.  State-wide, shelter in place orders, combined with social distancing, feelings of isolation, school closures topped with distant learning … have already taken many of us to the edge.  Add travel restrictions to the mix, now you’ve created a recipe for disaster.

Imagine now being in the middle of your vacation, or spending an extended period abroad leading up to March 20th, and the United States of America begins to close it boarders.  How would do you begin to navigate an unexpected return home once the State Department issues travel alerts to return home, unless you ‘plan to remain overseas’?

Many travelers recently experienced an unimaginable nightmare trying to return home with little if any assistance from on-line travel agencies (OTA).  There have been countless stories of folks being left on hold for HOURS to no avail because these OTA’s became inundated with calls. 

There are even more stories of couple spending tens of thousands of dollars looking to secure commercial and private charter flights to return home.  One couple was stranded in the Maldives (likely the best place to EVER be stranded) during their honeymoon and was quoted a price of $104,000 to charter a flight home.  Not to mention their extended hotel stay at $750/night. 

Stories like these impresses upon the importance of why travel insurance is so needed.  We can save ourselves from unforeseen perils that may arise during travel. We should try our best to save and protect ourselves from unexpected catastrophe by implementing and take certain precautions.

What do we get from travel insurance?

  • Medical Emergencies
  • Trip cancellation
  • Missed flight/ delayed flight/ cancelled flight
  • Delayed or lost baggage
  • Default of travel suppliers
  • Loss of documents etc.

Six reasons to get travel insurance before travelling abroad.

  1. Getting help overseas: Thousands of traveler’s experience trouble when traveling overseas each year. Having the right level of travel insurance coverage is critical when travelling. If you fall ill or are faced with an accident while overseas, travel insurance can ensure that you get the best quality of care and you can be moved, either back home or to a better medical facility, if needed. And that can be covered under your travel insurance, you don’t have to bear brunt of the cost.  Check out Frances and Larry’s story.
  2. Travel insurance can cover disruptions to your trip: It’s not a secret that when you travel, shit happens and eventually is not under your control. Flights can be delayed, cancelled or you might need to return home if an emergency occurs.  Without travel insurance, disruptions to your trip can leave you having to pay a hefty amount.  In many cases, you lose the money you’ve already paid, and must pay for the new bookings too. Many travel insurance packages will cover you for incidents that are out of your control, so that you don’t have to spend your own money if something goes wrong.
  3. You can be reimbursed for your losses and expenses: If your luggage is stolen, lost or damaged overseas, you can end up significantly out of pocket and out of the clothes and many important things too. Just Imagine! – and if you don’t have travel insurance, you will be responsible for replacing your items. Obviously, nobody will be taking care of your luggage or you for that matter.If you take out the right insurance, however, you can be reimbursed for your losses and expenses, whatever you have lost you can be reimbursed, meaning that you won’t lose money due to an airline or hotel blunder, or a thief’s wrong doings.
  4. You get sick or injured on your trip:  You and your friends have planned an amazing trip. After your first night, you wake with severe stomach pains and a high fever. You cannot start your day. Instead, you need emergency medical care – and quick. With travel medical coverage, you won’t be paying a huge medical bill. You’ll also have assistance services – in your own language – to locate a suitable medical facility and arrange transportation.
  5. Your baggage is delayed or lost: Your special day has finally arrived – a destination wedding at a beach side resort. Unfortunately, the airline made a mistake and your baggage will be delayed. Luckily, you’ve got the dress and the rings, but what about your other clothes, shoes, toothpaste, and personal items?  With proper coverage, you can relax. The customer service line can help you recover your bags. You will also be reimbursed for the essential items you need to start enjoying your trip.
  6. Economic default: Ever stop to consider what may happen should your airline, cruise line or tour operator goes out of business? Travel insurance can reimburse these pre-paid, non-refundable expenses.  Having these benefits means you won’t be left high and dry if the people holding your scuba excursion, multi-week tour or all-inclusive vacation go under.  It’s also important to note that in order to have these benefits, the policy must be purchased within 14 days of the initial trip deposit.

Travel is one of life’s great joys. But even the most carefully planned trip can be complicated by unforeseen events. Whether it’s lost luggage, cancelled flights, or a medical emergency, an unexpected mishap can turn a relaxing vacation into a taxing experience. Trip insurance is designed to keep your travel on track. 

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