I wanted to create something for people that didn’t want to feel alone. These are pre-planned trips that are booked separately. I don’t know how many people are coming, because people are joining everyday.  You must be 21+! Men AND women may join unless specified that it is a girl’s trip. If this is a kid-friendly location, … bring them too.

THIS IS YOUR PERSONAL TRIP!! You are not obligated to be with anyone, come with anyone or join in anything you aren’t feeling. So, if you’re coming by yourself, that is great! If you decide to bring a friend (or your kid) … that’s cool too. Now, you just have the comfort of knowing that, you are not alone! There just so happen to be other people there as well! If that sounds up your alley … I’M JUST MAKING IT EASIER FOR YOU!!

… it’s calling yours too!!!

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