As of Tuesday, September 6, summer is officially over.

OK, well, not by official recognition – the calendar says it’s still summer until later this month – but certainly by travel standards. The Labor Day Weekend holiday has concluded, vacations are over, and children are back in school.

But autumn is still a great time for a trip if you can get away as airfares are expected to drop by as much as 40 percent until mid-November and the onset of the winter holidays. The question is, how do you take advantage of those fares?

Here are four tips to make the fall a terrific time to travel.

A LONG WEEKEND – heres a great logistical point in that a trip that would take around 10 hours to drive is generally accessible by air with a two-hour flight. With fares falling, it’s a great opportunity to extend your summer fun before the cold weather and holiday rush sets in.

TAKE THAT OVERSEAS TRIP – Flying to Europe or any other international destination means paying a premium price at most times during the year. Not in the fall, however. Not only will you see reduced pricing in airline costs during this time, you will also find less expensive accommodations.

 In addition to flights, you might also find cheaper rates on hotels since fewer people tend to travel during September and October.

CHANGE YOUR EXISTING FLIGHT – It happens all the time. You book a flight and the price changes to less than what you paid. Check with your airline because many carriers have removed cancellation and change fees. If you see a big difference between what you paid and what the same flight is right now, call your airline directly. If the cheaper flight is with a different airline, check the current airline’s cancellation policy before booking the new flight.

BOOK NOW – It’s like clockwork in the airline industry. Airfares rise right before significant travel periods including summer and, especially, the much shorter winter season between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. So, book now for a fall getaway. Right now is the best time to travel if you are looking to save some money.  

However, buying a ticket three to five months before your trip is the best timeframe for lowest costs as well. So even if you are looking to travel over the holidays, right now may be your best bet for the cheapest flight.

What travel destination do you have on your bucketlist? Let me know your thoughts on Twitter and Instagram: @livelovetravelllc

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