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Over the years, I have learned a lot while traveling. Wanting to compile a useful list of tips and tricks is one thing, but limiting it is another! That’s right … There was no struggle to think of 50 of the best travel tips, I struggled more to know which ones to include! There’s so much I want to share with you – starting with:  

  1. Bring a mini sized bar of soap or bath gel from your hotel when you go sight seeing since many public bathrooms may not have soap (especially before a meal).
  2. Use Seatguru.com to find the best seats on any plane (can even locate economy seats with extra leg room).
  3. If you have to spend a decent amount of time at an airport, check if there is a lounge you are qualified to stay at based on your credit cards or frequent traveller programs. They usually have better accommodations and free food/drinks.
  4. When you first check-in to your room, make sure the shower water gets hot prior to leaving to explore so you don’t return to a cold shower at the end of a long day.
  5. Ladies, ALWAYS keep panty liners in your bag since it can come unexpectedly (especially due to changes / traveling) but also to feel fresh while traveling.
  6. I’ve mentioned this app before, FlightAware.com will typically show if your flight was cancelled or delayed BEFORE your airline sends you a notification. You can also track where your plane departs from to anticipate delays ahead of time.
  7.  Wear compression socks when you travel to relieve your legs and prevent muscle cramps.
  8.  Use a fanny pack while traveling since it doesn’t count as a personal item and is perfect for your phone, passport wallet, power bank, charger, pen.
  9. Bring a plastic bag with you for dirty clothes after you’ve worn them on your trip.
  10. Keep a packing list on your phone and update it whenever you think of something to add.
  11. Use refillable travel containers that are leakproof when traveling. Otherwise, use electrical tape to keep containers closed & prevent shampoo or lotion accidents due to pressure at high altitudes.
  12. There’s a compression pillow  you can use to sleep comfortably while flying in economy class. It also comes with an eye mask and ear plugs. You can rest easy and comfortably now.
  13. If you’re a frequent flyer but keep falling short of earning status / medallion, you can buy status on AirlineStatus.com (it’s resold corporate travel benefits from most major airlines and shows up just like regular status in the airline’s app).
  14. Pack binder clips to tightly close draperies and completely block out the light as well as to turn regular hangers into skirt/pant hangers.
  15. Don’t eat where you see other tourists eating and instead find a place jammed with locals for a more authentic experience.
  16. Never allow anyone to “take” you anywhere, especially not taxi drivers or random strangers. Hire directly from your resort or keep a list of reputable taxi providers and hire in advance.
  17. Pack a pair of underwear for each day you will be away plus 1 additional pair for emergencies.
  18. Don’t convert your cash (especially at the airport). Instead, use your debit/credit card or withdraw money from an ATM with minimal fees in most places you’ll go. When given the option, convert to your current local’s currency for the best exchange rate.
  19. Call your bank in advanced if you’re traveling internationally (or enable international purchases in your bank’s app).
  20. Use shower shoes!
  21. Free up phone storage before you leave for your trip. The Clean Up app sorts duplicates, similar photos and contacts. A 3-day free trial is more than enough to get you started.
  22. Going too long without sleep can impair your ability to drive the same way alcohol consumption would.
  23. People naturally gravitate towards their dominant side so you’ll typically find shorter lines on the left.
  24. Keep a small toiletry bag in your carry on in case your checked luggage disappears.
  25. Come back on a Thursday so if you go in to work, it’s only for one day then the weekend.
  26. Plan accordingly to recover from jet lag & hydrate. Avoid caffeine and alcohol.
  27. Check out the CityMapper.com app which shows you multiple ways to get to your destination including mass transit and rental options like bikes and scooters.
  28. Find the social media group of the city you’re traveling to & search threads like “best food in the city” for hidden gems.
  29. If you want to sleep on the airplane, figure out what side of the plane the sun will be hitting ahead of time and book a seat on the other side.
  30. Pack like a pro since you will likely need fewer things than you realize. Clothes that don’t wrinkle and of course your toothbrush/paste, deodorant and spare underwear.
  31. Allow time for things to go wrong & always try to arrive early and depart early to not miss connecting flights, important events, or expensive bookings.
  32. Use a travel agent, but if you’re set on booking yourself, book directly with the hotel or airline since they’ll almost always beat the online rates.
  33. If you’re not from a desert climate, the low humidity is no joke. Carry a collapsible bottle of water and lip balm. Avoid Summer hiking in the desert due to the heat. Check the weather & if there are showers anywhere near where you are, avoid canyons or dry stream beds.
  34. Per casinos, if you gamble, don’t drink. If you drink, don’t gamble. Set a loss limit & bring envelopers with the amount of cash you are willing to lose each session. Set a win limit also & when met, put the winnings in the envelope and seal it. Also have your passport as proof of ID in case you win beyond. a certain limit since the IRS requires the casino to withhold the income tax.
  35. Pack a scarf. I can’t tell you how many times a scarf has come in handy while traveling. Not only does it negate the effects of an Arctic airplane cabin, but it also perfect for situations where coving up is required.
  36. Search for flights in the airline’s original language for potential savings.
  37. Get local recommendations from the concierge/front desk or bartenders who are unbiased.
  38. Bring a spare pair of dry socks to wear once you’re settled in on your flight.
  39. “A cheerful” attitude transcends culture & may get you out of most issues with foreign police, airline employees, etc. Do not be aggressive or angry.
  40. Roll everything, fold nothing. Then use compression packing cubes. It saves nearly 30% more space when packing.
  41. Choose a corner room in a nice hotel. It will almost always be larger, offering a better view and usually a bigger bathroom.
  42. Who you travel with is way more important than where you go.
  43. Wake up early to see the sunrise at your destination. Then, get out and explore when the city is empty to get the best photos with great lighting but none of the crowds.
  44. Download the entire city map on Google Maps for offline use (same with language in Google Translate).
  45. When your flight get canceled, IMMEDIATELY call the airline instead of standing in line to speak with an agent.
  46. When it’s too late to cancel your hotel reservation & get a refund, call and push back your reservation to the next week. Then call back a few hours later and cancel your “new” reservation.
  47. Take the time to learn key phrases for each country you visit. Knowing how to say, “please”, “thank you” and “good morning/afternoon/evening” will be a huge help in your travels. I promise it will be one of the best things you do.
  48. Always carry baby wipes. Sometimes there will be delays, sometimes there won’t be showers (or toilet paper). Avoid feeling icky and bring along baby wipes for a fresh start.
  49. Be patient! You’ll be surprised how much better an experience you have when you remember to be patient and understanding of the situation. Remember life is not what happens to you, but how you react to it.
  50. Get travel insurance! If you can’t afford it, you can’t afford to travel. It’s that simple. Not having it can cost you your entire trip.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these 50 travel tips! Safe travels and enjoy your next trip, whenever it may be!



  1. Fanny packs (belt bags) are useful for regional train travel and sight-seeing in cities as well. Safeguards your wallet, train tickets, car keys, phone and other necessities under your blazer or coat should you lose or have your purse stolen. Great post – thank you.

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