There are lots of misconceptions about cruising, most of which are repeated by those who have never tried it. Careful travelers are now realizing the many positive aspects of an all-inclusive journey on a cruise ship. Here are ten reasons to put those old-fashioned beliefs to bed and try a vacation at sea.

Unpack Once

How else can you visit multiple ports, cities and countries in one vacation, without moving from hotel to hotel, packing and unpacking? Not to mention the drudgery of catching planes or trains between destinations?  A typical Panama Canal itinerary will take you to multiple countries and continents, while your luggage remains unpacked in your cabin.

No Jet Lag

Imagine traveling across the Atlantic to England, or the Pacific to Japan, without losing a day to jet lag. During a transoceanic cruise, the time changes are gradual, without going through the exhaustion of a seven to twelve-hour flight. The time spent onboard a ship can be as restful or as exhilarating as you choose, with plenty of energy left once you reach your destination.


Each cruise line has its own take on entertainment offerings. Some put on full-scale Broadway-style shows, while others might present music stylings relative to the culture of a particular port. There are usually a wide array of options including lounges featuring live bands, to participation game shows, to chamber music. Many also offer comedians, dance troupes and movies from which to choose.

Try a lounge and a night cap to close out your evening.

Cost Savings

So many options are currently available in terms of cruise cost. You can appreciate the savings when you break it down to approximate cost per day. Remember that each of those days is all-inclusive with meals, entertainment, housekeeping and multiple ports to explore. If you are a spur-of-the-moment traveler, check cruise line websites for savings on last-minute bookings.

Preview Destinations

You might have a destination in mind but not comfortable with spending your entire budget and hard-earned vacation days in one place. Choosing a cruise takes away the stress and gives you a taste of the culture and vibe of the city or country that peaks your interest. When offered several ports during the itinerary, you are free to figure out which one you’d like to revisit, feeling more confident about where you want to invest your time and money.

Dining Options

Cruise ships have long been known for their amazing food. One thing is certain, you won’t go hungry. On most ships, depending on the size, there is a level offering buffet options, while on another level you are treated to a sit-down meal in the lap of luxury, with impeccable service. More casual fare can be found at pizza venues or burger joints, usually poolside.  Specialty dining restaurants are also an option, at an additional cost.

Port Excursions

Optional port excursions are at your discretion. Many ports allow you to walk into town and explore on your own. If you choose a ship-sponsored adventure, do your homework and take note of the time involved and the cost. You’ll find many options in terms of physical ability, such as kayaking, snorkeling, and ATV tours. Or, if you prefer, a bus tour will take you to places further from port for a more restful experience.

Get Schooled

The opportunities for cultural education are vast on a cruise ship. Most lines offer informative seminars about scheduled ports and regions. On your way to Japan you might learn how to use chopsticks or hear about the cultural importance of the process of making tea. You will find cooking classes and wine tasting, sometimes led by famous culinary experts. Computer, photography and language lessons are also among the many topics offered.

Multi-Generational Options

Most cruise lines welcome children with open arms and provide programs dedicated to keeping them engaged and active. Parents can open their child’s eyes to different countries and cultures while managing to have time to themselves. Most ships have venues which provide time apart from the grown-ups while interacting with other kids and making new friends. Grandparents might enjoy the comfort and privacy of their own cabin while sharing a verandah with the rest of the family and enjoying quality time with the grands.

Stress-Free Fun

Let’s face it, vacations should be fun and stress-free. Some like to push themselves to their limit while climbing a mountain, others just want to kick back and relax while gazing at nothing but the sea. A cruise can be as adventurous or as laid back as you make it. The chance to socialize and mingle with new friends is always an option, or not. The choice to dine at a table for two is yours to make. Solo travelers can have an excellent time on a cruise, also, with many options to meet other singles, or not.

These are but a few of the many reasons to choose a cruise. With so many options available you will find your own reasons to set sail.

Until then,

Safe Travels!


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