When planning a family vacation, many travelers will habitually book a hotel, a resort, or even an Airbnb. But what if there were another option, one that offers even more relaxation, pampering, and privacy? And for families—more convenience.

The good news is that there is such an alternative. And that alternative is a fully staffed, managed luxury villa. Think: chef, butler, housekeeper, and even childcare, and you’re beginning to get the picture. Now add to that picture a stunning, spacious home in one of the world’s many inviting tropical backdrops such as St. Barts, Barbados, Dominican Republic, or Jamaica.

While renting a fully staffed luxury villa may sound a bit … extra, don’t be fooled. Yes, rental properties do offer a luxe getaway. But vacationing in gorgeous properties around the world doesn’t have to bust your budget, especially when you’re traveling with an extended group of family or friends.

A staffed luxury villa can elevate your next vacation to an experience you won’t soon forget (And may not want to end!)

Do away with cooking and cleaning

Let’s be honest, who wants to do a lot of cooking on vacation? When you rent an unstaffed home and are traveling with an extended group of family or friends, that can mean a lot of cooking. Not to mention cleaning.

Now reframe that picture. And think about staying in a villa that comes with a chef who cooks every meal. That means you’ve just regained hours upon hours of your vacation to do as you please.

At the end of the day, we all want to be able to go on vacation and relax. But when you think about the average booking, which is from eight to 10 people, if you didn’t have a private chef, you would be cooking 24 to 30 meals each day. Not only that, you’re also doing the grocery shopping, cleaning the kitchen, and doing all the dishes.

Sounds exhausting right? And who wants to be weighed-down by mundane chores on vacation?

Meals on demand

While on the topic of the private chef at your rental villa, here’s another important benefit: Your culinary wishes are the chef’s command.

Your own private chef will prepare whatever meals you want. If everybody wants to eat the same thing, the chef will prepare the same thing. If people have different menus and meals in mind, the chef will prepare different things.

The villa is always clean

We already covered the fact that a staffed villa means you won’t be bothered by cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. But there’s also the benefit of the rest of the villa being cleaned by staff, too. A housekeeper will maintain the entire villa for the duration of your stay. That means no making beds each morning, no straightening the bathrooms, or cleaning up any other spaces. A housekeeper can even do your laundry, if you wish.

They will even do all of your laundry the day before you leave, so you’re coming home with a suitcase full of clean laundry.

Complimentary childcare

Two words: complimentary childcare. Parents everywhere—can you feel yourself relaxing already? It’s impossible to overstate the value of this benefit. Among the staff that can be made available is a nanny. And that nanny can be scheduled to watch your children throughout your vacation as needed.

If you want to have an adult dinner and go out and leave the kids at the villa, you can. But if you were at a hotel or resort, you would have to drop them off at a kid’s club. Or if there’s no kid’s club available, they will need to come with you.

Nanny services at your staffed villa are available day or night. You simply need to schedule the childcare in advance, typically through the villa butler. 

Car and driver service

Raise your hand if driving yourself around an unfamiliar destination is not your favorite vacation activity. (Raising hand). Yet another perk of booking a fully staffed villa is that the staff can even include a car and driver.

Create your own experience with a villa that comes with it’s own car and driver, even it’s own yacht.

Yes, it is affordable

There’s a widely held misconception that a luxury villa vacation is prohibitively expensive. But that doesn’t have to be the case. It’s more affordable than you think when you break down the per-person rate.

Take this rental villa in Jamaica for example. The stunning beachfront property, which include sweeping views of the ocean,  can accommodate up to 16 guests. It also come with two highly trained chefs, three butlers, two housekeepers, and an entertainment coordinator/boat tour guide upon request. The price per night for an eight-bedroom villa from April through November is $4,332. When that cost is divided between 16 guests, the per-person fee is about $270 per night.

Service, service, and more service

Do you like to start each morning with a fresh cup of coffee? Your staff butler will make that happen. Do you enjoy having a cocktail every day at sunset? Your staff will arrange that too. How about snacks served up each evening while watching a movie? Your villa staff will be happy to attend to that wish as well.

The staff is there to take care of you and your loved ones. It allows you to have a stress-free vacation and to truly enjoy the moments on your vacation.

It’s that what we all want?

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