Whether your little ones are anxious or pretty chill, when it comes to traveling, they will be on high alert and their energy is going to increase. If you are prepped and ready, getting there can be half the fun — by plane, train or automobile!

You Don’t Need It Until You Do!

Surviving COVID-19 is clearly proving to be a struggle. State-wide, shelter in place orders, combined with social distancing, feelings of isolation, school closures topped with distant learning … have already taken many of us to the edge. Add travel restrictions to the mix, now you’ve created a recipe for disaster.

10 Tips to Staying Calm and Finding Happiness While Quarantined

There is so much fear and uncertainty around the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation. People all around the world are finding ways to cope with it in different ways.  So, a question that we all face is: How can we stay as calm and happy, under these circumstances? People have the false notion that happiness meansContinue reading “10 Tips to Staying Calm and Finding Happiness While Quarantined”


Taking a cruise for the first time can often lead to all types of anxiety and questions. I remember preparing for my first cruise over 20 years ago. I didn’t have any idea what to pack (bringing black sneakers and flip flops) or what extra costs to take into consideration. I relied heavily on my older brother and boyfriend, who didn’t lead me astray but likely didn’t quite have in the inside scoop yet either.