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Riviera Maya’s romantic, adults-only, all-inclusive escape that features swim-up suites, an indulgent spa, exceptional guest service, and Karisma’s signature Gourmet Inclusive® dine and drink options across 13 restaurants and 18 bars.

Rates below are based on double occupancy and are inclusive of all taxes and gratuities.

CASITA SUITE (D)$900/pp$1,110/pp$1,330/pp
SWIM UP SUITE (D)$1,021/pp$1,265/pp$1,529/pp
PRIVATE POOL SUITE (D)$1,161/pp$1,440/pp$1,719/pp
CASITA (Single)$1,085$1,345$1,605
SWIM UP (Single)$1,237$1,535$1,833
PRIVATE (Single)$1,413$1,755$2,097

Next door to El Dorado Casitas Royale is Generations Resort, where Butler service and Oceanfront views are available from every suite. Here, maximum occupancy is 3 adults + 2 children OR 2 adults + 1 child and 1 teen. Perfect for families!

Every aspect of Generations Resort is ingeniously designed to provide excitement for every single guest, from the youngest member of the group to the oldest. Kids will fall in love with all the fun activities scheduled in the supervised Eco Kids Club, while adults will find their piece of heaven with kayak tours, cooking classes, dance lessons, wine tastings and a variety of outdoor sports. Grab a mask and snorkel through the Caribbean reefs just beyond the shoreline, opt for a serene yoga class on the white Riviera Maya sands or … simply lay out poolside while your pool butler pleases your every whim.

Rates below are based on double occupancy and are inclusive of all taxes and gratuities. Families traveling with children 17 and under will require specialized rates.

OCEANFRONT ONE BEDROOM$915/pp$1,135/pp$1,355/pp
OCEANFRONT ONE BEDROOM S/U SUITE$995/pp$1,235/pp$1,475/pp

Requests for passport information will start around the end of April 2022, if not already received. For those without a passport or if it expires within 6 months of the trip YOU WILL NEED TO GET A PASSPORT.  Please secure a passport if you don’t have one or your current passport expires before Jan 01, 2022. 

You can request an appointment at your local post office here.

Starting the month of April you will receive an email to provide your passport information for all travelers in your party. This information will be required for those traveling on the arranged group flight that will have available by January 1, 2022.  Once you receive the email just provide the information.  

And finally …


Final payment is due on MAY 31st 2022.  As of today that seems far away but it will be here before you know it.  It is REQUIRED that you make some form of payment every 30 days so if you haven’t made a deposit then you need to make a payment of $100 as soon as possible.   Please remember that you can make payments 24/7 here.  I accept all credit and debit cards on this website and payments via Cash App by sending to $MsBrie2U.  Please include your full name and “Sunset Beynum” on all Cash App Payments. 

With that being said, I will say thank you and welcome you to BrieskiTravel, LLC.  I am thrilled to have you travel to Riviera Maya in July 2022 for the “Sunset Beynum” Wedding.  At any time you have a question about the trip please feel free to email me and I will be more than happy to assist. 

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Packing Essentials for your Best Vacation in Aruba!

For many people, the hardest part of traveling (aside from waiting for your vacation to start) is packing. Most airlines have baggage restrictions so you don’t want to over pack; but you also don’t want to find yourself in a jam because you’ve forgotten something you’re going to need. When traveling to Aruba, you don’t have to worry – there are grocery stores with brands you’ll recognize – but things cost a bit more than you’re used to paying back home. Think 3x as much depending on what you need.

Aside from your bathing suit, tank top and sandals, there are going to be a few things, you’ll want to bring from home to get the most out of your time on this beautiful island. Doing so will almost guarantee you ‘Biba Dushi’ (living the sweet life)!


Even as a melanated goddess, I can’t stress this enough. If you’ve been to the island before, you know what I’m talking about; but if you’re an Aruba newbie, there’s a chance that you might be underestimating the sheer strength of the UV rays. I’ve seen my friends go from ‘Marshmallow’ to ‘Milk Chocolate’ in less time than it takes to say, “Sis, did you pack your sunblock?” You can and WILL burn … quickly! Pack your SPF 30 or better. Your shoulders will thank you.

Bug Spray

If you’re going all inclusive or don’t plan on straying very far from your resort, this one won’t apply to you so much (the hotels on the island do an incredible job with pest control) but if you’re going to explore the island you should definitely pack some bug repellant. 

Aruba is known for being an arid island, but it isn’t completely dry. The wetlands known as the Bubali Bird Sanctuary is an amazing spot for nature enthusiasts, bird lovers and photographers alike. You know what they say: with great wetlands comes a great breeding ground for mosquitoes. Be ready so you don’t have to get ready!

An insulated water bottle

Did you know that Aruba’s drinking water is rated one of the best in the world?  There’s no need to spend extra money on single use plastic water bottles when you’re on the island. Just bring your bottle, get some ice, fill your bottle from the tap and viola! You have a refreshing beverage and you’re helping the environment. Bring some powdered mixes from home and you’ll be good to go.

A well fitting hat 

Not to be redundant, but did I mention that it’s very sunny almost all the time?

The peak hours for the sun are between 10am and 4pm but right around noon it feels like it’s 6 feet above your head. During this time you’re at a higher risk for sunburns, squinting, and scalp-burns (YES … scalp burns!!!!). You’ll want a hat at some point. However, it can’t be just any hat – you’ll be needing a wind savvy hat.

You’re going to be tempted to bring your favorite fitted cap but if it’s a little too big, have fun chasing it down the shoreline. Did you buy a cute fedora that doesn’t have a chin strap? Yeah. That thing’s going into the sea and straight to Panama. Everything flies to Panama from Aruba … SMH!

The reason that the sun is so bearable in Aruba is because of the constant trade winds that race by, cooling the skin and stealing our stuff. The wind wants your hat. It also wants your flip-flops, your half drank cocktail (another great reason to bring an insulated bottle) and your beach inflatables. 

Come to think of it, the wind here is like that one friend we have. You know, the one that eats all your food and never returns the stuff they borrow; but you deal with it because they’re so much fun to be around. You’ve been warned: choose your hat wisely.

Over the counter medications

On a personal note, I’m that chick. The one with wet wipes (antibacterial of course) and a tiny first aid kit in my carry all. I also carry a bottle opener (with a knife), tweezers, a lighter and a spare…well, you get the point. I might be considered over prepared in certain circles, but it’s better safe than sorry, right? 

It’s always a good idea to travel with some general medication such as: pain relievers, antacids, antihistamines and possibly dramamine. Of course, all of those products are on the island but they’ll cost much more than you’re used to paying. Not to mention, Murphy’s Law dictates that you’ll probably need the aforementioned medication in the middle of the night when everything’s closed.

If you’re traveling with children (or the accident prone) pack some waterproof band-aides and antibiotic ointment. Oh, and if you wear glasses bring an extra pair – just in case. That goes double for sunglasses. Also, if you wear contacts bring extra lenses and more solution than you think you’ll need. And don’t forget to take some vitamins.

A light jacket for the evenings

This one sounds crazy but sometimes Aruba’s evening air carries a bit of a chill that will come to you as a sharp contrast to the heat of the day. Maybe you’ll be in a restaurant that’s blasting the air conditioner or go to a bar where I believe they set the thermostat somewhere just shy of ‘Arctic chill’ . You might never need it, but if you do you’ll be happy to have it so, bring a jacket – just in case.


Of course the beach is waiting for you just outside of your hotel, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll want to run up to your room every time you need something. You’re definitely going to want a bag that you can bring to the beach so you can keep all your treasures close at hand and out of the sand. The best type of bag for the beach over here is one that can be completely closed against the wind. Remember when I told you the wind likes to swipe your stuff? Well, sometimes it feels bad about that and tries to make up for it by blowing sand at you (and your drink). Bring a bag that can be shut tight to protect your devices. 

If you plan on enjoying liquid libations and snacks on the beach, consider bringing a soft cooler as your carry all bag. Aruba has also, proudly, joined the list of eco-responsible nations that ban single use plastic bags so you’ll need reusable bags if you plan on doing any grocery shopping on the island.  The turtles will thank you!!!

Water Shoes

Again, this one doesn’t really apply to those staying by the High/Low rise hotels – which are world renowned for their pristine, white sand beaches. However, if you’re staying off the beaten path or plan on exploring the island and/or participating in water activities, do your feet a favor and bring a pair of water shoes.

Some of the beaches further up and down the coast from the high rise hotels are rocky. It’s not a great feeling to step on a sharp-edged, slimy, algae covered rock (unless you’re into that kind of thing). It’s even worse to step on a unsuspecting sea creature – for all parties involved (but mostly you). 

Extra power

One of the minor inconveniences of modern life: while the amount of devices we possess that need charging, has grown exponentially over the past few years – the amount of charging ports we have access to, has not. Throw a portable charger in your bag, you can thank me later. 

Aruba is gorgeous. You’re probably going to go home with at least three times as many pictures and videos as you’d thought you’d take. It might not be a bad idea to pack an extra memory chip and a portable power bank so you always have the means to get that perfect shot. 

Casual Comfortable Clothes and Shoes

You don’t need to dress up on this island! Sun dresses, shorts and casual shirts paired with sneakers or sandals are perfectly acceptable attire almost everywhere on the island. 

Aruba is colored with the most amazing palette. You should see what is worn for carnival! The colors found in nature are echoed all around the island, even the houses and government buildings are painted brightly. 

Use your trip to Aruba as a time to let your color shine. That obnoxiously loud Hawaiian print … bring it!!! Those vivid seersucker prints … pack that!!! Have you ever wondered if you could pull off wearing Majorelle? Now is the time to find out. Bright island white? Absolutely!!!  

Of all the things that you should pack for Aruba, I know there’s one thing I don’t have to remind you to bring: your sense of wonder for the incredible experience that awaits you.

Un bon vuelo!


All the Reasons You Should Use A Travel Professional—Now More Than Ever!

You may have long looked to a network of trusted travel professionals to take you to the far corners of the earth. The pros who assemble many of the elaborate itineraries that appear on your social media newsfeeds, and since the dawn of the pandemic, their up-to-the-minute insights on shifting safety protocols have made them even more essential. If you don’t rely on them yet, now is the time to start. 

Here, we’ll start to list reasons you need to book a trip with a travel professional this year and share some experiences we have ever put together—not just to show the scope and prowess of our work, but also to remind you of all the adventures ahead after a long year of staying close to home.

1. They make things work, no matter what!

We keep our clients happy by helping them move or defer bookings without incurring cancellation fees while ensuring that our service providers—the camps, lodges, and hotels—don’t lose bookings so that they can keep their heads above water. 

2. You trust someone to safeguard your financial future—why not your travel future?

Our role is becoming similar to a financial planner in that we are part of our client’s team of advisers for their long-term plans. I have personally been referred by many financial planners and wealth advisers who understand the importance of a future travel portfolio or plan in retirement.

3. Because you can’t know everything!

It’s almost impossible to ask all the right questions. My job is to make sure my client understands how things will be different and to help them break through their assumptions about what they’ll encounter so they have the best experience possible. A travel professional will get things done that you don’t even know need to be done.

4. Travel professionals don’t take no for an answer! 

Through sheer tenacity, I was able to get a client refunded over $18,000 from a tour operator who was not giving refunds.

5. They make you a better traveler!

COVID-19 will pass, but now we’re much more mindful of how we interact and travel.  Now, you can use this as an opportunity to use travel for good, rather than be reckless consumers.

6. Travel professionals have the best tools at their disposal!

We know the health and safety protocols for each destination. Our tourism boards and partners have been in constant contact with updates, changes in safety regulations, and reassurance of care for our clients. Because we have ongoing personal relationships with our tourism partners, we can inspire our clients to explore the world again with confidence.

7. Because travel looks entirely different now

I expect there will be a growing interest in vacations that are longer as people want to enjoy slower travel—more time in less places. We’re able to tap our contacts to help parents navigate working and schooling remotely, creating the best experience for everyone involved.

Aren’t you ready to get out and live a little? Ask me how NOW!


If you have any personal experiences whether it’s good or bad, let us know.  We would love to feature you on brieskitravel.com or you can reach us via email at: brieskitravel@yahoo.com.

Hit us up because we’re going to have plenty of guests on our next episode at: BrieskiTRAVEL The Podcast. We are booking in advance so if you’d love to be on with us, we want to hear from you!  Subscribe, follow and share!! Leave reviews!! By all means we appreciate your SUPPORT!! Thank you for following and sharing …  we love you!!  We love travel!!!  We know it’s tough right now, but things are getting better! Travel is coming back!  Thank you for following and have an awesome rest of your week.

Enjoying some much needed fun in the sun!

Organizing 2021

Every time the calendar flips from one year to the next, every one of us resolve to work out more, lose weight, quit smoking, reduce debt or finally take that the much needed vacation. But have you given much thought to getting your house in order? Are you tired of staring at all of those plastic bins crammed with clothes, that you haven’t worn in 3 years or with toys your kids have outgrown? 

The New Year is the perfect time to stop procrastinating, and start organizing you home, your life and your mind. 

Here are 17 steps to help you get your New Year off to a well organized start. 

1. Start small: Use a printable list for your shopping, organize your closet, then your freezer. Take it one step at a time.

2. Use one calendar for everything. Having everything in one location is the most obvious advantage. Instead of toggling between multiple planners, everything that’s important can be found in one place, shaving off seconds that add up to hours – making your life that much easier. 

3. Establish daily, weekly and monthly routines. Planning for success is important but actually making it happen is where the real work begins. For example, break large goals into sub goals (getting in better shape). From there you can set aside 20-30 minutes a week to create a plan of attack for the up-coming week (think meal prepping). Then schedule your week and days with the tasks you need to accomplish. Breaking these tasks up into daily tasks will not only make your larger goals easier to reach, but also helps you stay on task as you incorporate these things into your daily life.

4. Set MANAGEABLE goals . A daily journal can have a powerful tool for achieving your goals. You can even think of journaling as a self-coaching session. There can be HUGE benefits to journaling.

5. Divide and conquer is the mantra of many organizers. It works by breaking a project down into each goal, then allows you to break it down even further, into smaller parts.

6. Finding a home for everything is decluttering 101. A place for everything and everything in it’s place. Here’s a simple solution. Keep like with like! Books belong on a bookshelf, pots and pans belong together, cleaning supplies stay together. I know this seems redundant, but I want to reinforce the point: put things of the same category together.

7. Stamp out piles of mail (😤). This is my downfall. I don’t know why I have the need to horde catalogs, when I don’t need anything, I’m not looking to purchase anything and truthfully don’t have the space for not another “thing”. Make it easier on yourself and keep a trash can close to your mail pile to assist in sorting trash from say bills that are due.

8. Enlist help! Are you the type that prefers to do everything yourself? Do you get overwhelmed because you do too much? I am guilty of NOT asking for help because it seems faster, easier or less complicated if I just do it myself, but I’ve learned (especially more recently) that this isn’t always beneficial. Delegating smaller tasks allows me to focus on more important ones. WIN/WIN!

9. Make a long-term commitment. Organizing doesn’t end after you’ve completed the first steps in cleaning house. You have to regularly pick things up and put them in their designated place. It also helps if you are flexible with your organization plans. As our lives and schedules change, our plans will need to be re-evaluated and changed.

10. Take advantage of technology. The good news is you probably have the technology in your pocket that can help you follow through on your resolution – automation in the form of reminder apps. These free tools can help provide a constant reminder of the work that needs to be done.

11. Track your progress. Mark down each day that you are successful in keeping your resolution. Seeing the chain of success may motivate you to keep it going.

12. Celebrate your success.  Set goals where monthly milestones, if achieved are celebrated with something fun. For me, it’s a steak dinner out with my sister. It keeps me motivated.

13. Keep investing in relationships matter. We live in a time where communication is easy regardless of physical distance. Make an effort to stay in touch with friends and family that are influential in your personal development. Plan deep memorable bonding experiences with the people closest to you. You find the toxic, meaningless relationships fall to the way side on their own.

14. Give yourself some space. Space can come in many forms, physical, emotional or mental. Are you the type, always assisting others and often losing time for yourself? It’s ok to say “NO”! It’s not selfish, it’s you giving yourself some much-needed space. 

15. Take care of yourself. Losing weight, getting more sleep and cutting back on (ahem … alcohol) are all self-care resolutions. Don’t see them as things you’re punishing yourself for but as ways to take better care of you. You come first.

16. Treat your time and energy with respect. Procrastination, excessive social media usage, and other wastes of resources – affect your time and energy. To combat procrastination, my husband reminds me of the “whooshing noise deadlines make as they go by.” A joy he is, my husband.

17. FORGIVE YOURSELF. One of the biggest things getting in the way of accomplishing goals is the “all or nothing” mentality. The all-or-nothing mentality tells you to give up and continue eating haphazardly for the rest of the day, and instead start over again – perfectly – tomorrow. This doesn’t work for the majority of people.

Instead, remember that your journey is a long one, and that conditions do not have to be perfect in order for you to make small progress. Instead, focus on doing the right things more often, and forgive yourself when you slip up. Don’t give up if it’s not perfect – just recognize your mistakes and move past them. That’s where true progress comes from.


Coping with COVID-19 as a Travel Professional

How are you?  It’s been a week since we’ve hunkered down and began homeschooling in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  I guess I’m glad that since we’ve been to so few activities in the last week, it’s good measure for us practicing our social distancing.  ** SEND HELP**

There’s been a lot of changes within the travel industry as it relates to the coronavirus.  It’s been changing by the minute, if not by the hour so I thought to start the discussion on a variety of trending topics. Of course, COVID-19 being the topic of the hour.  COVID-19 is the technical term of the coronavirus which is the big search term that everyone is going after.   No, it’s not the Chinese virus despite what some people might say, it is COVID-19.   

The travel industry is taking a major hit with research indicating $800 BILLION dollars lost and 4.6 million tourism related jobs will be lost by this summer alone.   With everything changing as fast as it is, we don’t really know when this will be the over so it could get worse.   A lot of people are projecting that it will get worse before it gets better, but when it does get better, there is research out there that indicates projections are set for a rapid economic growth once it’s all over.  We don’t know when it’s going to end unfortunately.

What’s crazy is, we still have people traveling out there. You know, we (and we’re not promoting anyone go travel right now), are looking to post a story about a traveler’s experience when they were traveling within the next few weeks.   The fact of the matter is, some people are still traveling, fewer people now than the last two weeks but some people are, and I want to know why?  No … I wish I were with them, but I think that it would be an interesting story to tell.  Obviously, our readers would be interested in it as well.  

Do you know anyone choosing to travel right now?  We would love to hear from you!  Hit us up at brieskitravel.com, even if you’re not traveling right now and you’re practicing social distancing and you’re quarantined in your house and you’re just day dreaming about travel and want to get it all out.  We’d love to hear from you, we’re fan-friendly!  Hit us up!!!  Leave us a review!!  We would greatly appreciate that!!! **Can you tell I miss social interaction now?**

The silver lining in all of this is, are the local communities coming together helping the restaurants and small businesses that are really taking hits which is great to see!  Stepping up and helping their local people out, you’ve gotta love to see that!!  Not every place is in such a good position to be able to help. The good thing with this is that everybody is coming together throughout the industry even outside the industry and helping as much as possible.  

It’s also great to see agents out there on their phones, helping their clients, a lot of suppliers scrambling to figure out what to do.  I’m sure it’s tough to get ahold of people but agents are coming to the limelight here, really stepping up and so are the suppliers. 

Speaking of agents, over 6,000 travel organizations recently united in an urgent plea to Congress basically asking for aid and release.  If you’re a travel agent, make sure you’re getting with your local government to make sure that you benefitted.  Everyone needs help in these trying times right now.  ** THAT MEANS YOU TOO**

Now, let’s touch on what a travel agent can do in these times with all the information/rumors swirling around the virus and what travelers should know when booking with an OTA (on-line travel agency), or wherever you’re booking outside of just agents, you may not be as protected as you might be when booking with an agent. 

The one thing we’ve learned from this whole disastrous outbreak has been the undeniable value of working with travel agents and advisors.  What you’re seeing out there on social media, whether it’s one of the OTA’s, Air BnB or even VRBO, people are going with other than using a trusted advisor – there’s three, 4-hour long wait times sometimes, where people are just getting disconnected at the end of that and that’s their only lifeline.  They must call a 1-800 customer support line, to talk to a random person, who doesn’t know anything about them or their booking or what they have going on and this is where working with an advisor that knows you personally, who can adjust things to your needs.

One of the biggest things to take away from this is that travel agents and advisors are trained to handle crisis management which is exactly what all of this is!  It is their job to be able to change and adjust on the fly, making ensure it’s the best bang for your buck and make sure you don’t lose as much money as you might somewhere else.  Even though there’s a lot of uncertainty out there, booking with (whether you have insurance or not) an advisor is way more beneficial in times like these then it is to just ride it out and be uncertain of what might happen. 

When you book a trip with an OTA like an Expedia, Priceline or a bookit.com (which is one of the sites that shut down recently), a typical experience you might have with them is:

  • you call an 800 number,
  • sit on hold for 2, three, maybe 4 hours, (only to possibly get disconnected which a lot of people have been reporting)
  • start the whole process over or … you can get in touch with somebody that you explain your entire process to all over again to every person you talk to, who have ZERO idea what the circumstances are. 

They might be able to give you a voucher for future travel but what do you do?  Then you go through this same process all over again to try and re-book.  They may say something different than the first person, so it turns into this huge kafuffle!

Working with an advisor can cut you out of all those instances that might happen and when it comes down to anything that people categorizes as mass hysteria it will be vital to have somebody there by your side to give you peace of mind, especially when something so unprecedented happens!

If there’s any consolation to this Corona virus outbreak, it will be that more travelers are going to recognize professional travel advisors are worth their weight in gold – especially during a crisis!  You know a year from now you go on your summer vacation, there’s no global pandemic, you break your ankle (not wishing this on anyone) and you need to get home or something and you book through an online thing, it’s going to be a nightmare … on top of your ankle pain!! Remind me to tell you the story of an older gentleman, visiting Phoenix and riding a BIRD scooter after dinner … UNGOOD!!!  Just know that he had to be medevac’d home as he was 6’6 and unable to fly commercially with his left leg extended. **UNGOOD**

You want a travel advisor who is going to be able to help you get home and you don’t want to have to worry, you can focus on your injury or whatever hypothetical situation.  

Suppliers are also working diligently to make sure their agents have the most up-to-date resources, information and everything that they can give to their clients: Delta vacations is getting real time information out to agents, AIC hotel groups – Hard Rock hotels was one of the first resort brand to proactively release a very flexible re-booking program for worried travelers and many key resort partners around the world actually followed AIC’s action plan which is really great to see.  Apple Leisure Group is doing an amazing job implementing self-help technology through VAX, to agents to update their bookings.

If you have your own story about suppliers helping you, we would love to hear from you.   If you have any personal experiences whether it’s good or bad, let us know.  We would love to feature you on brieskitravel.com or you can reach us via email at: brieskitravel@yahoo.com

While we’re talking about the different resources that suppliers are giving the agents, a lot of suppliers are also connecting agents to webinars and trainings.  If you find your business slowing down – as an agent myself, I know it can be hectic, answering the phones, serving your clients, but if you have free time because your business is at a momentary stand-still, instead of getting wrapped up in the politics surrounding this, find out what you can do to better your business. Become productive towards your business.  There are a lot of different ways you can do this. It isn’t just limited to the few of things discussed here. 

There are webinars coming from suppliers, there’s also virtual events and exposes which can be attended like you would a physical trade show.  Instead of going to a physical trade show which right now is not a possibility, you can attend one online, with all the same functionality, with great resources.  On top of that, when travel comes back and it’s not a question of “if” travel comes back, but “when” travel comes back, you’re going to want to be on top of the game with anything your clients are requesting. 

People are going to have an itch (I have an itch), they’ve been cooped up in their homes, quarantined across the US. “Stay Home” Orders are in effect in multiple states.  They can’t leave their homes!  I guarantee you, people are going to be itching to go somewhere – whether it’s domestically, internationally, they will want to get out and go somewhere. You should be up to date on as much destination information as possible.

Get specialized from numerous suppliers, whether it’s a hotel brand, the destination or tourism board, cruise line, become a certified specialist in those specific areas and you would have the best knowledge to pass on to your clients going forward.  I don’t have to remind you, that a lot of them are incentivized too.  You can win prizes for taking these courses whether its gift cards, stays, points … the point is to further your education and knowledge of those super, popular places that you will pitch to your clients when they are finally released from their houses.

If there’s one area that you’re like, I should know about it because it’s popular, but I’m not a  specialist in it, this is a time to become one! You’ll get a nice certification that you can hang on your wall and what’s better than if you are on a video chat with a client with a wall full of certifications behind you.  Have your social media bio listed with “I’m a specialist in the Atlantis- Bahamas” or something a little bit more mainstream like Destin, FL. I recently got certified with Carnival Cruise Line (and bought more stock)!  I choose FUN!! 😊

I say all of this to say, it is a really good idea to be as productive business-wise as you can. I know agents may be maxed out, helping their clients and that definitely comes first but instead of melting your mind, watching every single update while you’re quarantined at home – being as productive as possible for the betterment of your business is a really good idea for you and the future of your business and that’s what we’re all trying to save here.

There in just one more piece of advice I would like to share before I sign off here.  I’ve been working from home for about 10 years now.  Some of you are very new to this, some of you aren’t, but if you have a home-based business, set a routine, and try to keep it similar in some respects to what you would do when you were going to the office.  Get outside, go for a walk. I know you might fear everything going on right now but if you can go take a walk (make sure you’re social distancing and everything) get some fresh air because it goes a long way to helping make sure you have a productive day. 

You know the one thing that is killing me is being at home … surrounded by food all the time now.  There’s food, snacks and stuff all over the place.  Before they closed the schools there wasn’t, but since our son is home … SNACKS GALORE!!!!  You don’t want to be stress eating right now because these are unprecedented times with everything that’s going on so try to avoid all the snacks which I’m struggling with. I would recommend maybe do like an afternoon workout routine.  You Tube has a lot of different training videos to get your summer body ready.  When I find a good one, I’ll post it.

WOW!!!!  Maybe I need to be quarantined to more often.  We really appreciate everybody subscribing.  If you found any of this information useful, share it.  We’re always open to feedback from you and we’re looking forward to some very interesting conversations.  Tell your friends, leave and share reviews.  If you have any stories that you’ve been dealing with or personally dealt with as it relates to travel in any realm where you’re a traveler, an agent or if you’ve been working well with one supplier let us know.  Our email again is BrieskiTravel@yahoo.com.  We would love to share any stories that we have from you.  

Hit us up because we’re going to be having plenty of guests in our upcoming podcast.  We are booking in advance so if you’d love to be on with us, we want to hear from you!  Hit us up!! Leave reviews!!  Thank you for following…  we love you!!  We love travel!  We know its tough right now, but things will get better! Travel will bounce back!  Thank you for listening and have an awesome rest of your week.



7 Personal Benefits of Traveling Abroad

“He who does not travel, does not know the value of men.”

Moorish Proverb

“Travel is the ONLY thing you buy that makes you richer!”

– Unknown

Hey! My name is Brie and I’ve been traveling for as long as I can remember. I was fortunate to grow up in a household where both of my parents worked for the airline industry – coming from opposite coasts themselves. Visiting either set of grandparents always seemed like the longest of vacations. Summers in California, Christmas in DC. Back then, the jets were HUGE … or I was really small … either way, there was something grand about sitting in the center seat of a Boeing – 747, being handed a hot, lemon-scented hand towel, after eating peanuts AND cookies. By the time I was 12, I was thumbing through the in-flight magazine ‘sky-shopping’ on my own.

That was a life-time ago. Now, there’s nothing satisfying about sitting in a center seat. That is a for sure sign that you have failed somewhere in your adult life. Airlines have become more proficient in providing you with the bare minimum in services lately -but don’t let that deter you from planning your bucket list trip and end up in #wanderlust.

Traveling, especially traveling abroad has some of the most life-changing benefits. Gone are the days where excuses like ‘I don’t have time’ are plausible. Traveling changes you physically, mentally and emotionally. Below are the top seven ways traveling changes you for the better:

It gets you outside of your bubble and into the real world – Traveling forces you to put down what you are doing (work, kids, school) and take a break. You DESERVE time to yourself (YES without the family) to relax, relate and release, however that looks for you. Do it … often!!! Everyone around you will thank you for it.

It challenges you – Traveling challenges you to solve problems; like on the fly. Passport lost … contact the US Embassy or even better, keep Dropbox scanned copies in your email. It may not get you on the next flight, but it’s better than that emotional brain fart most of us get when highly distressed.

It teaches you gratitude – OMG!!! I can’t tell you how disturbed I was to see how people lived in certain parts of the world. Traveling abroad will allow you to meet people who have much less than you, but willing to give what they have. That my friend, is the blessing of hospitality.

It lowers your stress level – according to one study https://www.verywellmind.com/take-vacations-for-stress-relief-overall-health-3145274 ‘a four day weekend had a positive effect on well-being, recovery, strain and perceived stress for as long as 45-day.’ Use those Federal holidays to your advantage.

It causes you to invest in YOURSELF – Traveling abroad will take you out of your comfort zone and you will have to ask someone for directions or to explain the menu to you (improving social and communication skills). Take advantage of the situation and learn phrases that will be of use regularly. “Donde esta el bano?” usually comes after several of “una mas cerveza por favor.” Google Translator is your friend!

It makes you happy – Whoever said money can’t buy happiness did not know where to find RT tickets for two, for $228 (total) on #SpiritAirline the week before Christmas. I am still doing the happy dance. Those flights were priced at $790 elsewhere. I almost considered driving 14-hours to beat that price. Thank goodness for small favors.

But most importantly, you build memories – Seeing the Great Pyramids of Giza, the last of the ancient Seven Wonders for the first time is awe inspiring. I saw them for the first time at the age of 13, but to be able to share that history, and experience with my 6 year old … will be a memory he shares with his children and grandchildren.

FINAL THOUGHTS – WOW!!!! That was a lot for my first blog!!! I’m pleasantly surprised at how easy this was. I hope you found this article helpful and it encourages you to travel more. As you start to see the world, you will start to realize how differently it is portrayed on the boob tube. Before I sign off, I want to leave you with one final thought …

‘There is no foreign land. It is the traveler only who is foreign’

Robert Louis Stevenson

This is the first post on my new blog, stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified of weekly updates.

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Summertime and vacationing go hand-in-hand, as long as you don’t spend all of your money on the way to your destination. It’s so easy to get carried away with spending in the heat of the moment. But, you can still soak up the summer months, AND keep your pockets in tact. Whether it’s solo, family, or group travel, here are some of my favorite summer travel tips I offer to my clients.

1. Road trip it

When I moved back to the Midwest, I was astonished at the lengths people were willing to drive, opposed to flying. So fascinated in fact, I tried it for myself. Driving from Mid-Missouri to Washington, DC (1,868 miles) … and back takes just about 30 hours. It wasn’t the worst drive ever, but I had the the time to spare and it was an experience. One I don’t ever have to have again. The best way to save money is to drive your own car to your destination.

Somewhere between Missouri and the Nation’s Capitol. He was very easy to travel with by the way.

2. Don’t wait until the last minute

The cost of flying will continue to rise through out the summer, so if you want to book a summer trip, don’t waste time. If you have more flexibility and are comfortable waiting, there’s a chance prices could start going down after Independence Day.

If you book the flight too close to the actual trip date, you could wind up paying more. I find the best time to buy your airline tickets is not too early and not too late. For domestic trips, the cheapest flights are most likely to pop up one to three months in advance of your travel date. If you are traveling internationally, they are mostly likely to occur two to eight months in advance. You can monitor fares by setting up price alerts.

I purchased a ticket to Cabo in March for August … and saved $200. AND … I’m still bothered by the price (after points)!! If you don’t listen to anything I say, listen to this … “PLAN AHEAD!!!! THESE LAST MINUTE FLIGHT PRICES ARE OUTRAGEOUS!!”

3. Be flexible

When planning to travel, people typically choose a destination, then consider the dates to travel, and then look up airfare. Instead, flip that!! Look up cheap flights out of your home airport and choose the destination that most interests you. Then, see what dates work with your schedule. Set the price as the priority rather than the afterthought, that’s how you get cheap flights.

You may also find cheaper airfare at another nearby airport. It may mean a farther drive, but it doesn’t necessarily result in a longer travel time. For instance, that longer drive may result in a flight that doesn’t have as many stops along the way. If you are traveling to a far-flung destination, you can also find less expensive airfares to a major city and then take a local budget airline, ferry or train to your final destination.

We did this for a last minute Christmas trip to DC. I hate driving, but I was able to get roundtrip, direct airfare out of Nashville, TN to DC for $233 for two. The 6 hour drive would still be less that the connecting flight we would have to endure for a fraction of the price.

4. Remember the days

It’s no longer true that there is a best day of the week to book a flight, since new inventory is constantly coming online. There does tend to be cheaper days to actually fly: Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Consider that the next time you’re planning to get away.

Don’t forget to set a flight reminder.

5. Think outside the box

Beaches and national parks are extremely popular in the summer. In fact, if you want to visit a national park, make a reservation first. In many parks, reservations are mandatory. To save money, consider a place that is not your normal destination, like the mountains instead of the beach, Lyon instead of Paris, or even Kyoto instead of Tokyo. If it is something everyone wants to do, it is going to be expensive.

6. Don’t forget about Covid testing

You may need a coronavirus test before traveling, so research your destination to make sure you know what is required. Some drugstore chains offer PCR testing at no additional cost if you use insurance, or if you fall under a federal program. You can also get rapid and PCR tests at some airports for a fee. While you often have to pay for the test ahead of travel, many hotels and destinations (especially in the Caribbean) are offering free testing. Some destinations will even pay you for a negative Covid test. For instance, Portugal’s Azores Islands offer a 35 euro voucher to offset the cost of the mandatory Covid test.

7. Hold off until Fall

If you travel during off-peak times, then you can find some great deals. This includes Hurricane Season. If you don’t have school-aged children, or don’t mind them missing a few days of class, then consider waiting to travel until the summer is over. There are amazing deals available, from cruises to all-inclusive resorts. Not to mention a reduction in attendance, think Universal Park Resorts.

The fall is my absolute favorite time to travel. The Caribbean is much more bearable. Prices have generally reduced to half and so has the occupancy. Think peace and quiet.

8. Enlist the help of a travel professional

“Hello! Travel professional here!” Because travel looks entirely different now, people are looking to have a different experience. As travel professionals, we are able to tap into resources that offer substantial savings and a variety of experiences. Remember, you can’t know all the right questions to ask. It’s my my job to help break through assumptions and get things done, that you haven’t considered. My cost to you … NOTHING!


Summer vacations provide all kinds of opportunities for fun in the sun (or otherwise) and you can never be too prepared when planning your vacation. The most important tip I can recommend is set a budget before you travel. The only thing worse than coming home from vacation with a third-degree sunburn (Thanks Aruba …) is a stack of bills because you over-spent!

Top 10 Reasons to Get a Villa for your Next Vacation

It’s no surprise that I’m a fan of villas, but there’s a reason why I love them (no, make that 10 reasons why I love them) and I think they can be better than any other type of group accommodation. So here are my top 10 reasons to stay in a villa (or chateau, or castle… basically anywhere that you can have to yourself).

They’re private!

Who wants to spend their vacation days surrounded by strangers, fighting for sun loungers by the pool or listening to your next door neighbors having a drinking session on their balcony? Vacations are for relaxing with the people you love, and staying in a villa means you have the entire place to yourself – your own kitchen, lounge space, pool, multiple bathrooms… need I go further?

They’re GREAT for social distancing!

I don’t know what the future holds, and we’re hoping 2021 will be the year we can actually hug people again – but at least you know you’re abiding by social distancing rules when you stay in a villa. Again, you’ve got the whole place to yourself, so it’s just you and your group. Most of the time, a villa is in a secluded location, has its own grounds at least – so you know you’re removed from the crowds. You’ll even have your own kitchen (often with top-notch alfresco dining spaces) so you don’t even have to go to out if you don’t want to.

Villas are often either placed in the depths of the countryside just a short distance from a small local town on a golf course or just a few steps from the beach. You’re smack in the middle of a region, and perfectly placed for an authentic vacation, whether that’s skiing down the slopes, hiking up mountains or hitting the local beach party.

They’re the perfect base for a more authentic vacation!

Villas are often either placed in the depths of the countryside just a short distance from a small local town on a golf course or just a few steps from the beach. You’re smack in the middle of a region, and perfectly placed for an authentic vacation, whether that’s skiing down the slopes, hiking up mountains or hitting the local beach party.

It’s a home-away-from-home!

A villa is a home. Your home, for however long you’re there. You can treat it as such (provided at home you’re not a wrecking ball or graffiti artist!), which means that you’ll instantly feel comfortable and at peace. Schedule housekeeping to service you at the most appropriate time, there are no evening curfews to contend with, or loud resort neighbors to keep you up. Just do what you want, when you want.

You may be able to bring your pet along !

Pet-friendly vacations are a growing travel trend, and it’s easy to see why. Why drop Grover off at a sad little kennel when they could be doggy paddling in the pool with you?! More and more properties are allowing people to bring their fur babies with them, because what’s a family vacation without the whole family?

Tierra del Sol – Mesa Vista (Aruba)

They’re cost-effective!

People don’t usually realize this, but villas are actually really cost-effective. They often house a large number of people, meaning you can get the gang together and split the cost – and it’ll often times come up less per night than a hotel. Meaning more money for excursions, shopping and other fun stuff.

You can tailor it to your group!

Villas often have a bunch of added extras you can take advantage of – in fact, I actually have a team of absolute legends dedicated to these extras. Once you contact your concierge team, they can organize everything from private chefs, to a car service, should you choose.  A villa offers the convenience of a hotel in the privacy of your own home (breakfast, maid service etc). Some villas even have their own specific extras – like in-house spa treatments, speedboat trips, casino nights… the list goes on! Or you can say no thank you to all of that, and keep it simple.

They’re safe for families!

When you go on vacation, you want to actually be able to switch off, right? Some villas offer a peace of mind that you can’t get anywhere– you’re often in a rural location, on a private property, away from strangers. Some villas have even gone that step further for families and installed child-safe pools, have private fenced grounds, and can even baby-proof their properties ready for your arrival. Our collection is divided between those ideal for babies, kids, and teens so you can be sure your c crew is safe. 

They’re great for groups and celebrations!

If you want to get away for a birthday or even just fancy event, then where better than a huge villa/chateau/castle?! There are places that literally house over 30 people, so you can celebrate in style. BrieskiTravel has access to villas that are perfect! And since it’s basically your own home for however long you’re there, you can enjoy it without the disapproving looks from strangers or the hotel staff coming to tell you off for being too loud.

They’re more sustainable!

Sustainable travel is a hot topic, and it’s only going to continue to grow. Villas are instantly more sustainable than hotels or resorts as they’re not using half as much energy, and some villas are even putting their own green practices in place. We understand the importance of sustainability, which is why we can shout about those vacation homes that are leading the way in eco-friendly stays, whether that’s through solar power, sustainable produce or even planting their own trees to offset their emissions. 

Well, there you have it! My top 10 reasons to stay in a villa instead of a hotel or resort. Whether you’re a villa vacationing pro or had never considered one … Make 2021 the year of the villa vacation. Email me for assistance at: brieskitravel@gmail.com. LIKE|SHARE|FOLLOW BrieskiTravel for travel inspiration and insight.

6 Sunny Spots for a Beautiful International Destination Wedding

Sun-and-sand destination weddings will always be in demand. These 5 locales are not only sunny and sandy, they’re also trending.

Destination #1: Tulum

Why: Tulum’s ancient stone remains are unique archaeological attractions that tell the original story of the now bustling modern city. Plus, with ruins situated right on the coastline, couples’ wedding photos will be more than magical.

Mask rules: It is required to wear a face mask in public spaces in Quintana Roo.

COVID Entry Requirements: None

Legal requirements: For a legal wedding in Mexico, here’s what you need to know.

Destination #2: Cabo

Why: The crystal clear waters of the Sea of Cortez create the perfect scenery for a romantic getaway. If you have a couple looking for a dream beach wedding, many hotels and resort in Los Cabos offers spectacular honeymoon and wedding packages that let you as a travel advisor leave all the work behind.

Mask rules: All individuals must wear masks or face coverings throughout the destination at all times when interacting with others who are not members of their household in public or private spaces.

COVID Entry Requirements: None

Legal requirements: For a legal wedding in Mexico, here’s what you need to know.

Destination #3: Cancun

Why: Couples looking for a luxury wedding or a spicy celebration bursting with entertainment will find what they want in Cancun. Convenient to travel to from origins throughout the U.S., Cancun was designed with the needs of a tourist in mind, which makes it easy to design a dream wedding experience.

Mask rules: It is required to wear a face mask in public spaces in Quintana Roo.

COVID Entry Requirements: None

Legal requirements: For a legal wedding in Mexico, here’s what you need to know.

Destination #4: Costa Rica

Why: Known world-wide for its eco-tourism efforts, stunning natural beauty from the rain forest to the beaches, and an extensive amount of wildlife species that live in the varying habitats, Costa Rica is a top-notch destination and creates a beautiful backdrop for a destination wedding. just legalized gay marriage

Mask rules: Masks are mandatory in public.

COVID Entry Requirements: Residents of only 21 states in the U.S. are currently authorized to enter Costa Rica. Visitors must complete an electronic Health Pass and present a RT-PCR diagnostic test with a negative result taken within 72 hours of travel. Learn more.

Legal requirements: For a legal wedding in Costa Rica, here’s what you need to know.

Destination #5: Bahamas

Why: The Bahamas lives up to its title as the World’s Leading Wedding Destination (earned in 2015), offering more than 700 islands with numerous unique locations where couples can declare their love for one another.

Mask rules: Masks are required in public and travelers must return to their accommodations by 10:00 pm.

COVID Entry Requirements: Visitors must complete an electronic Health Visa and present a RT-PCR diagnostic test with a negative result taken no more than 5 days prior to travel. All hotel guests must vacation in place and remain on the resort property for either the full length of their stay or 14 days, whichever is shorter. Learn more.

Legal requirements: For a legal wedding in the Bahamas, here’s what you need to know.

Destination #6: Jamaica

Why: With beautiful resorts, honey-colored beaches and the faint sound of reggae music in the background, it’s no surprise Jamaica is a popular destination wedding location. Couples can opt for ready-made resort wedding packages or rent a private Jamaican villa for a customizable experience.

Mask rules: Masks must be worn in public spaces.

COVID Entry Requirements: Visitors must complete an electronic Traveler Authorization and present a COVID PCR diagnostic test with a negative result taken no more than 10 days prior to travel. Learn more.

Legal requirements: https://moj.gov.jm/services-and-information/marriage-licence

Disclaimer: You can always get the latest mask and travel restrictions on the destination you’re traveling to before you go from the city or country’s tourism board website or government website.


You know COVID can’t kill her vibe!!! Spend 5 days (November 17 – 22, 2022) celebrating our girl, Shawn at the beautiful, beachfront, adults-only, El Dorado Spa Resort by Karisma. You will be able to enjoy a mile of pristine beachfront, 24-hour room service, beach and pool butlers, and some of the BEST trained chefs, bartenders and servers in the world. Those 18 and under are welcome to enjoy the amenities at our neighboring sister resort.

El Dorado, a spa resort – features 205 luxuriously decorated suites in 8 room categories. Each suite features a king size bed, maximum capacity for 2 guests, marble bathroom, separate toilet, a relaxing hot tub, concierge service 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, hair dryer, cable TV, amenity kit, iron and ironing board, weight scale, pillow menu and aromatherapy in your room Beach butler service available between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.


• Welcome glass of sparkling wine and refreshing towel

• Wireless Internet available

• Valet parking service

• Hospitality Desk

• 14 swimming pools, one natural salt-water pool

• Concierge Service 8am – 5pm

• Unlimited free National and International Calls

• Safe deposit box in the room

• All Gourmet meals and specialty bites

• Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from a selection of domestic and international premium brands

• Minibar with beer, water, soft drinks stocked once a day

• 24-hour room service. Restrictions apply on rainy days

• Daily and nightly activity program with live music and show.



Suite : The suites are all ocean front, romantically designed with the exclusive Aguas del Amor (outdoor shower) in a tropical atmosphere to include a palapa roof.

Included is a contemporary marble bathroom, bathroom with double sinks, separate toilet, glass enclosed showers and an indoor relaxing hot tub. All suites come with a king size bed, night stand, minibar, and a secluded balcony with an exterior bed, table and chairs.

Beachfront Suite: The Beachfront Suite are unique, standalone one room suites, close to the ocean, with all the amenities of a Suite.

Swim Up Suite: The Swim Up Suite allows you to dive right into our lazy river directly in front of your terrace. Enjoy all of the features of a Suite on the ground level with a walk out to the pool.

PRICING STARTS AT: $2,464 (based on double occupancy.




• 10% DEPOSIT due to reserve room (based on double occupancy).

• Trip must be paid 45 days before arrival (mid-September 2022)

• Monthly payments based on price of trip.

• Prices shown include taxes, fees, cancellation insurance and transfers.

Group airfare is expected to become available Summer 2022.



Top 6 Luxury Travel Trends for 2021

What You Need to Know About Travel in 2021

Travelers in 2021 are seizing the day and prioritizing trips now, powered by the belief that customized experiences are the best investment of their money and time.

“Carpe diem” travel is fueling the desire to savor as many new destinations and exciting experiences as possible in more authentic ways. While travelers still want to journey in comfort, the new definition of luxury is personalized adventures shared with family and friends.

Six trends below highlight how upscale globetrotters continue to assert their influence in the travel-sphere for 2021.

  • Untouristed and Unexpected: With some favorite destinations seeing an untenable rise in demand, the well-traveled luxury set is seeking remote, unspoiled destinations to avoid crowds at over-touristed locales. Virtuoso advisors report a rise in requests for places ranging from the culturally distinct to those steeped in nature, including Borneo, Greenland, and Oman.
  • Country Coupling: Travelers are heeding the advice of well-informed advisors, who encourage clients to explore multiple countries, even during shorter journeys. Trips that mix locales are trending, especially ones with surprising combinations. Travelers may pair a ski adventure with a beach finale, or a city stay with a jungle adventure, or a well-traveled place followed by a little-known spot to mingle with locals. The focus is on varied experiences that enrich the trip with each stop.
  • Tasty Travels: Culinary travel has transcended “trend” to become its own niche, with amazing food and drink now considered essential to any trip. Cooking classes, eating in private homes, Michelin-starred restaurants, farm-to-table visits, truffle hunting – culinary experiences are as varied as travelers themselves, and allow foodies to go beyond just having a seat at the table. Dining has become such a focus that some travelers are requesting restaurant reservations at the same time they book their flights – sometimes even before.
  • Group Getaways: Travel unites those who share common interests, and advisors say clients want to connect with like-minded people. Gen X-ers, Boomers and even Matures are traveling to bond with friends and others who share their passions or are at the same life stage. Women’s travel is on the rise as well, including soft adventure trips and affluent girl getaways to unplug, relax and play. Groups of couples are also traveling together, including buddy-moons, where newlyweds bring pals along for the fun.
  • EQ Encounters: Today’s traveler is seeking more profound experiences leading to increased emotional intelligence. Pushing beyond their comfort zone combined with genuine interaction among locals provides travelers with a deeper appreciation for the people and cultures they encounter. Foregoing the usual attractions, clients are instead opting to tap into their passions, such as a tasting with the owner of a local winery, a motorcycle tour or a personal shopper to guide them through the latest pop-up stores. They also want accommodations that reflect the destination – inns full of character, small neighborhood hotels, and private homes.
  • Enjoying the Journey: Embracing the philosophy that the journey is half the fun, upscale voyagers are using exclusive services including meet-and-greets planeside to avoid the stress of changing terminals, locating gates or waiting in customs lines. The Private Suite at Los Angeles International Airport offers a members-only terminal where travelers are escorted through TSA screenings, driven to and from aircraft in BMWs and provided a room to relax in between flights.

Globetrotting with Perks

Regardless of how you want to travel in 2021, BrieskiTravel has you covered. Our affiliation with travel suppliers brings you the world’s best in-country travel partners, the world’s best ocean and river cruise companies, as well as complimentary VIP perks on many of our voyages and land journeys.

Let’s face it, you can’t VIP yourself.  So let us do the work, and you enjoy the fun and perks. Reach out today for a free, no-obligation chat. Let’s explore all that we have available for you. 

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